DNC 4X Personality Sales System 


We show you how to communicate and convert  ABSOLUTELY anyone. Turning passers-by into life long customers that buy from you again and again. 

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The same strategy used by psychologists, corporate leaders and healthcare professionals around the world, is now being brought to e-commerce.

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Get a ready-made Content Plan you’ll have at your fingertips telling you exactly what to do next and the images, hashtags, and links you need.

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Learn the top 3 reasons entrepreneurs of all levels fail to connect with their customers and sell their products (#1 will shock you). 

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Discover the 5 most highly engaging content topics and how you can use them to build your brand and sell your products ethically and easily. 

Hosted By

Darian Chavez

A Business Owner, Copywriter, Coach, Mom, Wife, and Active Duty Military Member helping more than 500 businesses write winning copy.

Julio Chavez

Strategic Executive at DNC and nationally ranked in Corporate sales personally selling $M’s in products putting DNC on the map with his vision.

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