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Would You Like To Add 2 One-On-One Coaching Calls To Your Order?

Julio and I are excited to support you, guide you, and provide the accountability and structure needed to foster your success. We’re looking forward to not only seeing you in the course, and on coaching calls; but watching your business expand beyond all expectations as well. Coaching is about you as a whole person: your values, goals, work, balance, fulfillment, and life purpose. Your business can only thrive when you as an individual are ready to push through personal blocks and trust the plan we create together.

Your first Coaching Call will cover the Front End of your business (copy and content strategy on all platforms with a focus on your specific struggles), as well as discovery of your brand message and it’s consistency across all platforms.

Your second Coaching Call will cover the Back End of your business (analytics, funnels, and more advanced strategies with a focus on your specific needs). This will be a rather technical call, but don’t let that put you off. We’ll work through this together.

Both Coaching Calls will cover progress you’ve made, obstacles you’ve encountered that need to be worked through, measurement and tracking, and a plan to move forward and continue your progress. Learn what needs to be done, be kept accountable with action steps, and finally achieve your goals with our help.

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The DNC Marketing Course 2.0 is our virtual program designed to teach you how to bring in customers, attract media attention, create engaging content that increases your traffic, and convert customers with perfect copy quickly and easily all by communicating to your customers using the 4 Core Customer Personalities.

You may have a different buy and selling personality from your customers. Understanding this and the principals to bridge that gap will make the difference in how you communicate, sell, and convert your customers. 

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