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Learn the 4 Core Customer Personality Types and 4X Your Sales!

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The DNC Marketing Course Breakdown


The DNC Methodology

  • Core Customer Personalities

How can you connect with your customers and build a ravenous following? We'll teach you our proven system centered around the 4 customer personalities: Which one are you? Which one(s) are your customers, and How can you sell to each one

  • Color Psychology & Cohesion

What difference does a color make? Turns out, quite a big one. This module addresses the effect your branding choices will have on your business and how lacking cohesion can doom your brand from the start

  • DNC Funnel System Parts 1 & 2

How are we different? This an all module in our course intertwine our copyrighted process for moving customers through a profitable buying journey using the 4 core personalities.


Not seeing the results you expected?


You know your product could make a difference, but how can you get it in front of the right people? People who want what you've created; who would understand your message and BUY

No matter what you have tried you just can’t seem to get the traffic you need to create that “buzz” around your product and start gaining momentum. There are so many other sellers out there, how do you push past the noise and get your message heard and your product SEEN

Stop settling for other courses that promise you “cutting edge” techniques. These “cutting-edge” techniques aren’t all that new. The reason there are so many courses out there teaching you how to market is because the same tried and true Sales Techniques have been out there for decades.

Do those techniques work? Yes, over time. Do they cut through the noise? No.

At DNC, we’ve helped tons of entrepreneurs sell Millions of dollars worth of products, and taught thousands of online businesses, corporate brands, and influencers (many you’d recognize) how to sell… and we can tell you there’s only ONE THING that differentiates a brand. 

ONE THING that will send your sales soaring sky high. 


Customer Personality Types = Packaged Psychographics


Psychographics target people 10X more effectively than demographics. Every. Single. Time.


Because it’s the only way to understand your customer. Of course, you need to know your customer’s wants, desires, fears, motivations, etc.

You’ve heard that before. It’s Marketing 101.

But what you haven’t heard before is that it’s possible to understand more about people you’ve never met and use that understanding to ethically make smart, consistent sales.

Customer personality is where the difference exists, and at DNC, we’ve broken customer personalities down into four main categories.

These categories encompass every kind of customer you’ll ever encounter.


Let DNC be your personal guide...


With our help, we can guide you to NOT ONLY effectively identify which personality type you are (what your strengths and weaknesses in business, sales and entrepreneurship are), BUT ALSO which personality type(s) your customers are. This allows you to use your marketing dollars to target your customers more directly, more accurately, and more profitably than ever before.

That’s money back in your pocket!

This is a brand new take on online business and we’ve made it so incredibly easy for you to implement. We practically hand you the blueprint, scripts, maps, funnels, and secrets to making your dreams a reality.

(seriously - check out what we lovingly refer to as the ‘Giant Workbook’ - we literally put everything you need in there, it’s enormous.)

Start crafting compelling and effective marketing — genuine in message and voice. With the DNC Marketing Course, you'll learn how to build a system that sells your products so you can make money in your sleep. By the end of this course, you'll be well on your way to achieving financial freedom and building the business of your dreams! 

DNC Marketing comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN

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I'm Darian: Copywriter & Coach

I've been featured in the Wall Street Business Network, CBS, NBC, ABC, and more…

I'm a Business Owner, Copywriter, Brand Strategist and Coach helping more than 1000 businesses create content, write winning copy, and build a brand their customers adore.

I'm also an Active Duty Military Member which allowed me to flex my technical writing and coaching muscles early on

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I'm Julio: Sales Strategist & Funnel Expert

I’m the Strategic Executive at DNC and nationally ranked in Corporate sales working side-by-side entrepreneurs.

I’ve personally sold $1,000,000’s in products, managed millions more in inventory, and 10X more through teams and entrepreneurs I’ve trained.

As a Sales Strategist, I put DNC on the map with the kind of vision and strategy you’ll learn in the course

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Get your questions answered as you move through each module

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You’ve always got the right resources, and guidance on exactly how and when to use them

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Additional training designed to address the areas you struggle with specifically

PLUS Bonus Lessons To Help You Build Your Business

In Total Over 10 Hours Of Video Coaching!



  • Branding Prerequisites

How do you get started? This is where you discover what you need to have in place before you ever think about branding in order to avoid wasting time and money 

  • Competition Research

Why are they making more money than you? Here we'll look at your competition as an ethical shortcut to building your brand (and avoiding costly trial and error)

  • Target Market Research  

Why don't you get the engagement you're looking for? This module is all about finding the right customers, understanding what they need from you, and creating a tailored solution they’ll demand to pay you for

  • Clarify Your Branding & Understanding Brand Goals

Feel like your brand is all over the place? This module is the clarity you need about brand building, message and story. PLUS you’ll create a road map specific to your wants and needs as an entrepreneur (avoid a cookie-cutter brand that doesn’t make you happy)


  • How To Write Parts 1 & 2

Is writing like an amateur one of your biggest writing blocks? Here we take you back to basics and ensure your writing looks professional (not amateurish)   

  • Web Page Copy Parts 1 & 2  

Need some on-page copy guidance? Here we'll teach you how to write compelling copy for every page of your website, step-by-step

  • Copy Formulas

What are you missing? The top copy formulas that increase conversions Every. Single. Time; and how to use them across Web Pages, Emails, Content (written and video), and more 

  • Ad Copy

Why aren't your ads converting? Here we teach you why spending money on ads without understanding the copy necessary to start the buying journey is a waste. And how to do it right the first time


  • Click-Worthy Headlines  

Click-worthy & Click-bait. Do you know the difference? Here you'll learn how to get people to click on your emails, blog posts, videos, products, etc. (Turning the #1 drop off point into your biggest conversion starter)

  • Proper Formatting  

What the biggest copy mistake? It's not what you think. Often ignored; improper formatting is one of the biggest reasons customers bounce from your site. Let’s avoid this easy-to-correct mistake

  • SEO Parts 1 & 2

Wanna know what you don't know? Even with algorithm changes, these principles will never change, but most people don’t even know they’re doing this wrong

How To Sell

  • Parts 1-5

Think you can sell? Most people are making basic mistakes and it's costing BIG money. This module is your CRASH COURSE in advanced sales techniques straight from Julio, a nationally-ranked sales trainer with Millions of dollars worth of sales under his belt and 10X that from the people he’s trained (this part of the course alone is worth the price - seriously, corporations charge more than double for training like this)  

  • The 16 Reasons Why People Buy Every Time

Wanna know a secret? There are basic principles that motivate a purchase. This module includes the biggest secrets big brands don’t want you to know. These are the keys to the sales kingdom and we’re handing them to you on a silver platter

Email Sequences & Sales Funnels

  • Email Marketing Parts 1 & 2   

Every wonder how landing pages, webinars, email opt-ins and funnels all work together? In this module, we break down how the big brands do it so you can too

  • Funnel Emails

What do you email your customers about after the Welcome Letter? How do you ethically upsell, downsell, deliver content and more? This module answers all your questions and provides a plan complete with examples and scripts you can steal

Content Marketing

  • Content Marketing 101 & 102

How can you get someone from a blog post, video or social media snippet to checkout? How can you get your brand to the #1 spot on Google? Content Marketing is the most sustainable marketing method and when used in conjunction with all our other principles, will take your brand from quick sales to lifelong money-makers

  • 2 Types Of Content Planning

Think there's only 1 way to create a content plan that works? NOPE! We’ve seen a literal TON of online courses advertising the exact same content planning method. But that doesn't work for everyone's lifestyle.

Here we offer you two options (beginner and advanced) designed for ease and effectiveness no matter how busy you are, how much ad money you have, or how new your business is. Use a content plan you’ll actually stick with


  • Evaluating Business Goals Parts 1-3

Are you prepared for business growth, or are you silently self-sabotaging because you’re not sure you can handle a surge in sales? We’ll show you the smartest way to prepare for brand growth and future success. It’s time to start acting like the entrepreneur you want to be

  • Merchandising  

Would you like to learn how to present yourself like a big brand even BEFORE you’re there? From high quality live streaming at a low cost to the little details that make a pro look like a pro. We’ll show you what to do

  • Hiring a VA Parts 1 & 2  

Think you can do it on your own forever? Think again. When you’re ready to start hiring help (we’ll help you define “ready”), we’ll show you the right way and the wrong way to hire so you don’t run the risk of lost money and damaged credibility

DNC Marketing comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN

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Made $15,000 last quarter!

I’m not gonna lie. I was super skeptical about the whole personality thing, but after we worked everything in a funnel it all makes total sense. Love you guys!

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Increased her conversion rate by 80%!

We hit 5 figures this month! I can’t thank you enough. This is what I was hoping my business would be. Singing your praises to everyone I know. THANK YOU!

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Anna Marie

I love the personality sales system! Already I feel like I know exactly who my customers are now!

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Love the way you guys teach. Great Masterclass. So excited to start the course!

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Where do I even start? Great lessons, love the Giant Workbook, looking forward to my first intensive!

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Their expertise took me from doubt to success, I can now focus on developing my product instead of worrying about my copy. 

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All of my product descriptions have green check marks from Yoast SEO for SEO and Readability. I’m so glad I’m in this group.

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I love all the information and worksheet guidelines to complete each task for myself. DNC is always there for great constructive feedback.

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  • The DNC Giant 270-page Workbook
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  • 4 Structured 1:1 Coaching Calls

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Features Forever Access:

  • Over 10 Hours of Video & Audio Instruction
  • The DNC Giant 270-page Workbook
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  • Access To Private Group Bootcamps & Business Intensives
  • Exclusive Member only Discounts on ALL Future Services
  • 4 Structured 1:1 Coaching Calls

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