How to: Ensure Your Next Launch Is Successful!

What people say they want versus what people actually need can be completely separate things. Specifically, if you're someone that creates actual physical products. This is why testing your marketplace for actual data is so significant. What sort of data? 


Well, that’s more of a question you need to ask yourself. What do you consider to be an adequate measure of success? I mean we all want people to buy but in this circumstance, we’re looking for something else initially. Let’s assume for a second that you want to look at the most popular form, likes.


This is easy to understand, right? If you have had any form of social media (e.g. Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, etc) then you understand that these imaginary points are what tells us what people like in regards to the content we put out. 


So, make sure that you don’t create product lines first and then see if people actually want it. I want you to do the opposite. This is where...

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Money As A Tool: 3 Ways Use It In Business (no matter your budget)

Money is a tool, and what we're going to talk about is how to best use that tool. 


Money can buy what I own, but it doesn't own me 


A lot of what people struggle with is the mindset around money and the fear with letting it go. So we're going to talk a little bit about the right ways to use that money to help grow your business so that you're not just throwing it at things that are unnecessary, right? 


Let's use an example of how money can be a good tool, a table.  


If you need to cut a table in half, can you use a chisel to do that? Sure. It's going to take forever though. What you want to do is use the right tool for the job. So we want to use money the same way. We want to use it in the right way that does the job we want it to. 


Now, I'm not going to lie. Having money feels good, right? It feels safe. It gives you peace of mind. That nest egg that's there when you need it. Of course money feels good, but if you've...

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Problem Solving 101: Turning A Customers Want to A Need

So you've probably heard this very common advice: “Research a problem your customers are having, and then create your business around the solution that you create for that problem.”

So let me ask you this then... How do you find the problem that your customers are solving when what you want to offer is more of a commodity (e.g. jewelry, shirts, makeup, etc.)? How do you create the problem that your customer is suffering from and the solution that you offer with your commodity product?

This is a common question we get asked all the time and we serve a lot of handmade businesses. What we have done is shown those handmade businesses how to create a story around their product that creates the want. It creates the solution that you offer by appealing to a customer's values.


Why Do People Buy Ferrari’s?


You might be thinking, what the heck does that mean? So let me give you an example. Let's talk about cars, right? You don’t really NEED a car, but it...

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The Great Content Creation Debate. Who won? [Lost Masterclass Audio #4]


Take a listen and see if you can discern the Lion from the Golden Retriever: 

Lacking engagement no matter what you put on social or send out to your list? Could be you're missing the mark with content.

At DNC, we’ve modified a proven personality system used in health care, management, and college education to work in sales and marketing. And it’s Blowing. People. Away. 

It shows you what your selling personality style is, and compares it to what your customer’s buying style is. Essentially answering all brand voice questions WHILE selling to different types of customers. (hey, aren’t those the things you were struggling with too?)

In this Lost Masterclass audio clip, Julio and I go toe-to-toe on the best way to create content. When we listened back it was 100% clear who was the Golden Retriever and who was the Lion - once again proving our method to be accurate. 


Report back during the Friday Q&A....

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Emails and Funnels BONUS CLIP


Don't forget the joke! The punch line will be in the next blog post... 

A lion, otter, beaver and golden retriever walk into a bar. Want to hear the punch line? Open the next email. It’s a riot.


p.s. Are these emails clearing up some of the murky marketing waters for you? If so, know that these audio clips are just scratching the surface. Want to go deeper? Want everything we’ve got? Check out the DNC Marketing Course Information Page. We’ll see you on the inside.  

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Emails and Funnels FTW [BONUS Audio Clip Inside]


Emails and Funnels FTW [BONUS Audio Clip]

Let's talk emails. How quickly are you pitching your customers? 

Right away? (hope they're a Lion)

After a looooooong nurture sequence? (they better be a Golden Retriever) 

Or do you have something in-between these two? Or perhaps you have no welcome sequence and fly by the seat of your typing pants?

HOT TIP: here's a good way to know if you're on the right track. Do you make sales with each email you send out?  

No? Want to know why? 

Listen to this lost Masterclass audio clips above to find out! 

 Go To The BONUS Clip HERE!


And here’s a joke: 

A lion, otter, beaver and golden retriever walk into a bar. Want to hear the punch line? Open the next email. It’s a riot.


Are these blog posts clearing up some of the murky marketing waters for you? If so, know that these audio clips are just scratching the surface. Want to go deeper? Want everything...

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4 Personalities and Your Copy [Lost Masterclass Audio #2]


And check out this Lost Masterclass audio clip for a clear description of how to use those personalities in your copy once you understand them:


I have a question for you, who does your copy speak to…?

Is it fluff-free and straight to the point like a Lion, or more detail-oriented like a Beaver?

Is it a rollercoaster of emotion like a Golden Retriever, or does it stay high in the happy clouds like an Otter?

Now, here's two more big questions: Do you actually know how to sell to each one of these personality types? Do you know who your people are?

Take the handy-dandy DNC Marketing Personality Quiz:

  1. Once for yourself
  2. Once as your customer

Find out if you have a communication gap, and how to fix it. Does your answer reflect your personality type, did it reflect your customers?

Report back during the next Friday Q&A. What were your findings?


This is all starting to make sense, but now that you know who you're speaking to, how do you set...

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Brand Message [Lost Masterclass Audio #1]


Check out this Lost Masterclass audio clip where Julio and I talk about how to use that brand message across your website cohesively.

 Have you nailed down your “brand message”? Any idea what that really means and why your customer should even care? 

Here’s a great example I posted on FB not too long ago: 



Did you see it? Did you feel it? 

Drop a comment below and tell us your brand story!



Want to know how the 4 Core Customer Personality Types can change your web copy? The lost Masterclass audio in the next blog post will shed some very important light.



Ever feel like you’ve got more information scribbled across notebooks and scrap paper than you can ever apply to your business? In the DNC Marketing Course, we created a 270-page editable workbook to help keep you on track. It’s complete with checklists, formulas, templates, swipe files, and guidance on...

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