Brand Yourself Like An Artist!


Darian: Hey everybody, it's another beautiful day in Hawaii and I'm here today with Hip-Hop artist Mike "Sarge" Manning. He talks about business as it relates to the music industry, products, and services. Don't worry, we tie it all in together, so no matter what kind of business you have all these principals are gonna be really interesting.

So, why don't you introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about how you came into rapping, and a little bit about how branding yourself as an artist all works together.

Sarge: Definitely! Thank you for having me, I'm excited to do this. My artist's name is Mike Sarge and I'm a rapper. For most people, it would be considered positive, hip very clean. So for people looking to look me up, don't worry about it. Your kids can hear me, there's nothing negative going on. I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia and I've always had a love and a passion for just music in general. Around 2012 I just got to thinking "You know what, maybe I...

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This Yoga Instructor Can Teach You How To Pivot In Your Business 🔥


Christina Mattison- Rolling Oaks Yoga

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[FREEBIE] 5 Simple Ways to Infuse Yoga into Your Workday
Yoga Strong 7 Day Challenge:

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Darian: Welcome back to the DNC marketing podcast. I'm Darian and it's another beautiful day here in sunny Hawaii. Today on the podcast we have Christina Mattison

Christina is a certified yoga instructor with over 500 hours of experience. She also recently quit her job as an engineer to pursue entrepreneurship through her passion for teaching yoga. 

She recently opened her brand new yoga studio, Rolling Oaks Yoga just in time for COVID to hit. In less than a week, she actually pivoted her entire yoga studio online and is now offering 5 virtual classes a week. She is also the founder of the Yoga Strong Program, a holistic wellness...

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Find Yourself A Teacher: 4 Must Have's Towards Finding The Right One

The difference between a good teacher and a bad teacher is largely the experiences you have versus the experiences they have had and the metaphors used. Now I'm not talking of course about teachers that were just jerks. There are certainly some of those.

And I'm sure you can come up with a few that you felt personally hated you. and the feeling was well... sort of mutual.

So, what I mean is, the teacher that was a good teacher was the one that was able to talk to you in a way that you found both interesting and relevant.

Now, you can be taught Geology geometry, algebra, biology, from one specific teacher, and be incredibly bored and feel like the class itself doesn't make any sense. Then you can have another teacher who uses the same sort of language you use and maybe even uses examples that you find interesting to suddenly create a engagement in your mind, I think, a show that does this really well, there's a show called Because Science

Kyle Hill (the host) does something very...

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A (sneaky) Totally Ethical Copywriting Trick That Makes Customers Buy

You know that part in a movie, usually toward the end, when a seemingly insignificant element you learned about early on turns out to be the saving grace of the story?  


A great example of this comes from The Avengers (the first one). 


Black Widow is introduced right away and appears to be in a precarious situation, but (when Agent Coulson calls) she quickly resolves the situation by using the words of her captors to gain the upper hand. Later on, a similar situation pits her against Loki as he appears to ruffle her. Though we all know how that ended.


So, here’s the interesting question. How can we use this in our copy - more specifically, in an email series that nurtures our customers and pitches your product without coming off slimy? 


It’s a common question - how do I sell without sounding like a car salesman? 


By implementing our version of the Chekhov’s Gun technique, also known as Chekhov’s Law,...

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Why "Bloody Water" Is A Good Thing

Julio: Today, we're gonna be talking about what our deep sea fishing trip taught us about selling and why bloody water is actually a good thing.

So we're talking today about why bloody water is a good thing.

Darian: What often comes up is the differentiation of a brand, right? People have a really hard time writing product descriptions, writing emails, writing offers, everything because they're just like their competitors and they really don't know what to say and that's a bad thing. So they don't know what to do. Well, it's not actually a bad thing. That's a great thing. That is a great problem to have because it shows you that your market is tested.

We have worked with other entrepreneurs who have found themselves in a very difficult position is when they're in a market that is not wanted and there is not enough of a market for them to actually make any money.

So yes, bloody water is a very good thing because it means there is money to be made. Market justification.

Julio: Market...

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Who’s The Easiest Person To Convert? One You Can Re-Target🔄

"Hey Julio, who's the easiest person to convert?"

This blog post that I have so eloquently written for your edutainment (that’s education and entertainment mixed together! Pretty neat huh?) is going to answer that exact question.

First, let’s talk about how to attain a customer! Well, there are generally two schools of thought on this topic. Organic, and Paid…

Organic refers to getting traffic, likes, follows, etc. from people but without paying for brand awareness ads. This is a method most commonly used by those that have more time than they do money.

That sounds fine in theory if the amount of time spent producing content actually equates to significant followership, but what we notice (and you probably do too) is that trying to grow your list from a purely organic means is like trying to roll a rock up a hill, it’s a fool's errand IF there are better tools at your disposal! 

Paid refers to, well… paid ads. This can be content posts that are...

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3 Systems You Need If You Want To Grow!


Okay, you’ve come this far, so what’s the secret?

Drum roll, please….

It’s called Building a System! 

WAIT! Don’t click off!

Okay, I’ll admit that this isn't a very sexy topic, and sure we might have purposefully not said upfront what it was about, which yes some people might consider a fib. But you know what? A fib isn’t a lie, particularly if it’s for your own good. So, just like your mother making you eat your veggies, let’s talk about the 3 systems you need to get you to a new level which will have you working less and making more (Shoot, you might get so used to the easy money you’ll run for political office). 

So, what are the 3 systems? I’ll give you a condensed version and then one that's a bit more detailed

  1. A system for Hiring
    1. Hire slow but fire fast
    2. Train you people and check in often
    3. Trust their skillset and don't constantly micromanage
  2. A system for Selling
    1. Create a funnel- How are you...
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Top 5 Ways to Overcome Video Anxiety

Let’s talk about how to overcome that fear that grips most of us newbies, being on camera!

Now, some of you are naturals, for example, Darian is a notorious camera hog. I mean, think about it. How many times have you seen me on video vs Darian? I know a lot you might suspect that maybe I’m a little scared, but that couldn't be further from the truth… I mean, Hey a guy can be a little scared but if I could get in front of the camera every once in a while instead of little miss…ahem, I mean the love of my life, my heart, and soul...


Sorry, Darian walked into the room…


Okay, what were we talking about? Ah, that’s right, we were talking about 5 tips you can use to start loving the camera more than a pig loves rolling in mud. 


Tip #1: Rep it out 


The goal here is to create 30 videos in 30 days. Okay, you might have already started shaking your head and cursing under your breath (I don’t appreciate that btw...

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When Is News-Jacking Okay? 😷


 Today I want to talk to you about a few different thoughts that have been going around in my head.


One is about the Covid-19 Virus aka the Coronavirus and the other is about the News-Jacking and whether or not it's a good idea for you to use in your business.


So first and foremost, when it comes to the Coronavirus and what's going on right now, I want to say make sure you are safe, make sure you are safe and your family is safe and you're all taking the necessary precautions to keep each other safe. 


Having said that, there are a couple of things you can do to prepare your business during this time and prepare those who work for you. 


The first thing:

 After you've made sure to take care of yourself and your family, first and foremost, think about both your employees and your customers.


  • What is something in your business that you can do right now to make sure that they are also safe and prepared physically
  • What is...
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The 3 WORST Ways To Communicate With Your Customers

Today we're talking about the three worst ways you can communicate with a customer. In order to do that, we first need to understand what communication in today's world even means. 


Today's average customer requires much more individualized attention. That doesn't mean that you need to send every person on your email list an individualized message per se, but it does mean that your message needs to resonate with your audience in a way that makes them want to take action throughout the customer's journey (reply back, add to cart, etc).


According to the Harvard Business Review “...the retailer can now send them personalized messages designed to resonate with the emotional motivators that drive behavior at each stage of the customer journey.”1


The purpose of this article is to give you some key insight and information that will help you find the right people AND come up with the right messaging. This is something we’ve found to be a HUGE...

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