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We teach the DNC Marketing Personality Sales System. Stop believing the "ideal customer" myth and 4X your selling power.

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Discover the 4 Core Customer Personality types: Lion, Golden Retriever, Otter, and Beaver. Each must be sold to in a very specific way. We'll teach you the copy, content, funneling, sales strategies, and more that has the power to convert them all. Read more...



Learn to nurture your following with strategic funnels, content and appropriate offers for the type of customer that responds best to your brand. It's about closing the communication gap. Are you a Lion selling to Golden Retrievers? If you're not meeting your revenue goals, we can tell you why. Read more...



Master brand message, voice, and 4 types of communication in copy, emails, content, and on social media. Become an unstoppable force in business capable of selling to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

You're friends will wonder how the hell you do it. Read more...

From The Blog

Connect On A Deeper Level - And Get Some Testimonials!

Today, Nannette is talking me through an incredible event she's planning. Not only will this help endear you to customers, but it will tell you the words they're using to describe your products. Translation: Written Marketing Gold.

Premium Brand Positioning, & Creative Freedom

Today, Chris is walking us through her journey to find her own dream client, how she wrestled with positioning her brand for premium, and the decision she made to keep her business small in order to allow for more creative freedom.

FLASHBACK EPISODE: Business Mindset and the Woo Curious

I got the opportunity to interview Shelsey Cayer, owner of the Left Brained Hippie, who teaches Woo Curious entrepreneurs how to focus their energy on what matters to create thriving businesses. 

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Discover where your marketing communication gaps are and how to bridge them with the 4 Core Customer Personality Types.


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